Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frank's New New Friend

Oh Frank! Who is that handsome new friend you have there?

The other day when I was in the pet store purchasing some chewies for Frank, I was somehow convinced by the very nice staff that Frank needed a new friend. I had not yet gotten him a birthday present, so here we have Franks new interactive pig:

Interactive? What does that mean? Well, in this case it means that Frank joyfully gets to rip each and every Velcro attached limb from poor little Interactive Pig's body.

Now Frank, of course, wanted to forcefully shake the bujeezers out of Interactive Pig (as any respectable canine would) in order to speedily detach all of his limbs. This is not allowed. Heavy shaking could detach Frank's remaining retina causing him to go blind, and I think we can safely say that no one wants to see that occur.

The next acceptable method was to help Frank as he tugged away at each body part, however I am proud to say that Frank has since learned that if he stands on the head or leg and yanks the body, the limb quickly rips right off!

Oh Frank! What a clever pug.

Here we see Interactive Pig after an "interactive" play session.

Quite savage indeed.


DavidF@HSP said...

Frank! I found you a woman!

Anonymous said...


Have you ever considered politics?

Frank's People said...

Oh no! Frank is MUCH to clever to go into politics!