Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sailing the High Seas!

OH Frank! Where ever have you been? Sailing the high seas you say?

You are looking rather dubious there sitting on the pier with your life jacket on.

Perhaps that is because this is supposed to be a sunny summer day, and instead it rather looks like rain as it has, it must be pointed out, for the last 3 weeks. Frank does NOT enjoy when there is no summer AT ALL!

However, never one to let a cloud get him down, Frank dutifully strapped on his life vest and eagerly jumped in the car to see what adventures might come.

Oh Frank. That is not at all the stance of a hearty water dog....

I would like to point out that having a pug in your lap does NOT make for easy paddling. Therefore, Frank's Godmother and I took turns pulling the load. I would also like to point out that Frank's Godmother and I are about as hearty in the outdoors as Frank. Needless to say we did not make it too far out of the marina...

However! Frank did get a little more bold and at least ventured off of my lap.

(Here we see him hoping that an oyster cracker might float by.)

Then it was his turn to go and sit with his Godmother while I did some paddling for the team.

This is how he sat the entire time he was in the front seat.

Oh Frank, no one enjoys a Mama's boy.


Anonymous said...

Frank is a pirate!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Frank was feeling a bit seasick.

Jamie Cowbelly said...

Oh Frank, I just laughed so hard I cried. You are such a funny pug.