Monday, August 4, 2008

Visits 2 and 3

Oh Frank! What a handsome and healthy looking eyeball you have there!

Well, here is some good news to follow up on the demon spore incident: visit number 3 last week - and we will get back to visit number 2 soon - was to our very favorite veterinary ophthalmologist, and even if he weren't, in fact, our only veterinary ophthalmologist I am fairly certain that he would still be our favorite because there are few people in the world who are quite so delightful. (And who also let Frank lick their nose whilst giving him an exam)

The GOOD news is that Frank's eye is doing well! Everything looks good, and the even better news, as our FVO - (favorite vet. op. is just getting too long to type out repeatedly and I would assume is to0 tiring to read as well) - pointed out, is that the demon spore, which was quite sharp indeed, did not go into Franks eye! Excellent point! We did have an incident a couple of years ago in which Frank ran into a blackberry thorn with his eyeball, and I believe that at that point it was our FVO and his most fantastic staff's turn to give up their lunch break for Frank.

Oh Frank, so many people going hungry for such a small black pug!

The sad news, which of course really is good news, is that given such a stellar report we do not have to visit the clinic and it's wonderful people for a whole year. Hmm. Well perhaps we will need to bring cookies...

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Hmmm, I'm wondering about visit #2.....