Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Well, we have been having some rather hot weather here these last few days. Frank does not enjoy extremely hot weather. He is a pug, and he is black, which means that he absorbs all of the heat but then does not have much of a snout to help cool him off.

This is how our fine evolutionary creature spends his warm summer days:

Oh Frank! What long grasshoppery legs you have! Note the limp tail. Very sad.

Perhaps, you might be thinking, we should take Frank for a swim to cool him off! Well what an excellent suggestion! Frank does enjoy wading, and on the few occasions that we have taken him out above his little pug head, he is in fact quite a good swimmer and even seems to enjoy paddling along.

Recently we have been invited out on the boat of our Friend and Frank's favorite dog sitter - Osa's Mom (Osa being a very pretty and rambunctious puppy friend of Frank's). Though Frank has done quite well on his short aquatic spurts, Michael Phelps he is not, and so we feel a little concerned about what would happen to the small furry pug were he to misstep (a big concern when you have only one eye and therefore limited depth perception) and fall off the boat.

Thanks to a very generous gift from Osa's mom there is no need to fret about Frank's safety!

OH Frank! What a handsome and safety conscious pug you are!

But wait! There's more! In the event that Frank falls overboard there is a handy dandy handle with which to fish him out!

Oh. Frank. You do not look very pleased at all. But look at how nicely you point your furry little toes - perhaps you have been inspired by the Chinese Synchronized diving team!

You may also want to note that Frank makes quite the dashing figure as today's finest fashion accessory...

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Anonymous said...

I am LMAO-ing with silly pointy-toed Frank!