Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally, Visit Number 2

I'm wondering who could say no to this:

Yep. Pretty hard.

Visit Number 2 actually came right on the heels of Visit Number 1 (demon spore); a visit from Frank's cousin Gusaroo! Gusaroo arrived, on the evening of the demon spore expulsion, to a very groggy and under enthused pug. This suited Gus just fine since in previous visits Frank had tried so hard to lick Gus's nose with love and joy that the very gentle natured bird dog was forced to give a snarl or two.

At first the two pups pretty much kept their distance from one another.

They enjoyed some chewies at a respectful distance,

kept watch of various proceedings at a respectful distance,

and then headed off to sleep at a respectful distance.

Gus, you may want to note, went off to his bed like a good dog. Frank, on the other hand, went directly to the center of the guest bed, which he felt had been turned down just for him, and invited himself AND Gentle Pig right in.

Oh Frank. Must we spoon Gentle Pig in front of such a very distinguished bird dog?

By the second day of the visit, however, it became clear to the two pups that it was MOST effective to join forces when there was food involved. Such wild and impressive pack hunting instincts! Such as here:

and here:

and of course here, the one that cashed in on the big reward:

I ask again, who ever could say no to such hope and delight?
Certainly not I.

The result was a meal for the pups of much leftover, delicious, fresh salmon (AND the skin, yum! -for a pup that is...).

What a ferocious and efficient hunting pack!

Well, even though Frank may have (shockingly) lost the contest for speediest eater, I think we can all agree that everyone was a winner here.


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Anonymous said...

A MOST excellent visit...and such teamwork!