Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Arrives

Oh my. It seems that someone is rather less than enthusiastic about getting out of bed.

Frank has been rather dismayed the last several days due to the fact that fall, and with it the rain, has most decidedly arrived. Normally he is MOST eager to get out of bed for breakfast and a walk to the biscuit dispensing coffee shop. Not so on this morning!

However! Always one to look for a positive lining to a rainy cloud, Frank was RATHER pleased to discover that along with the fall and its gloomy weather came the delightful benefit of tasty Autumn Seasonal Brews!

Oh yes, Frank does enjoy a delicious lick of beer! Perhaps you would like to share with me the dulcet tone of Frank's tongue as it shlurps a drop or two from the bottom of the bottle...

(and yes, I do promise that it was only after it was quite empty - I do not advocate the giving of anymore that a tastearoo of beer to a pup...).


Puglette said...

Oh Frank! You are such a sweet puggy! I am so happy to have found your blog from the Cowbelly blog. I have a weakness for the vision impaired puggies. We had a blind puggy girl that blessed us with such joy and love for a short year. we now have two puggies, but we will always miss our little blind baby girl. Please stop by our brand new blog when you have a chance. We are very new to blogging. We live in the Puget sound too!
Thank you!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi frank!
you are too fun! emmitt likes the nice cool and sunny fall walks we take here in colorado.
:) m & e

Frank's People said...

Oh! Frank's vacation home is in Colorado! (his grandma and grandpa's house!)

Victoria said...

so happy to see another pug enjoying a tasteroo of beer... mom says all we can have is the empty bottle, however we (mainly charlie) follow her around the house anytime she has one... one of these days she will give in.
-seymour and charlie
(also Seattle pugs who found you from Cowbelly)

Frank's People said...

Yes, Frank also follows me around! If I leave happen to leave the beer unattended on the floor I tend to come back and find the bottle suspiciously slimy!