Monday, September 29, 2014

SF - The Good & Bad #5

Okay, The Bad:
Now, as we all know, Frank is as up for as good time as anyone, HOWEVER, when we walk to our closest large park on a Sunday morning, we are astounded by the number of beer bottle caps on the grass. ASTOUNDED. On our little trek alone across the lawn I counted 107. Yep 107.  And we only walked from here:

(that's right Frank, we do turn our nose up at littering, though who can blame someone for wanting a beer on a sunny day at the park... pick up your caps people!):
to that pack of pups you see behind us (blown up here.):
107 folks... 1.0.7.
And 4 joint butts. Actually though, no cigarettes, so there is that. Thanks for the healthy lungs SF.
The Good!:
They actually have a drinking fountain specifically for dogs at this park.
INDEED Bean! Hydrate up! Also enjoyable is the fact that the button to run the water for your dog is at human height.
Sadly I did not re-document the fact that Frank will NOT drink from the canine fountain and rather must be held up to the human one...
Let us all recollect this FINE moment when he was sharing a drink with his cousin Gussie in Colorado (who is most sadly recovering from a rather unfortunate surgery and is in a cone this week... yipes!)

Oh Frank... Such a finicky pup you are!!!

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