Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frank's Best Picture Ever....

OH MY!....

What a photogenic pug we have here in his doggles!
I realize that there have been other doggle pictures in the past, but I do think this one really shows off what a suave and debonair canine Frank can be!

And such FINE accessorising! OH Frank, you do look rather handsome in red.

The picture was taken last week on our way home from Frank's favorite doggie beach.

Pugs generally are not water dogs, but for some reason Frank LOVES this particular spot. His enthusiasm was increased even more by the discovery of this delightfully fit shepug! (I am embarrassed to say that I forgot her name - though I remember it was charming.)

Some favorite activities of the day included:

running in synchronized aquatic circles of joy,

group ocean tasting,

generalized frolicking,

and pug tag through delightful tide pools of muck and mire...

Oh my - let's pause for a close up action shot:

Oh FRANK! Such leaps and bounds!!!

I dare say it is rather time for a bath. What a tough and rugged pug you are!

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