Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Girl Scouts

Frank and Bean are perplexed.

And dismayed.
How is it possible that first, a year or two ago, the Thin Mint boxes shrunk and NOW, this year, the tubes of cookies don't even span the length of the new teeny tiny box? They are 2/3 at best!
Certainly the cost did not shrink with the boxes? Nor with the tubes?
Now, pugs of course are not allowed to eat a Thin Mint because of the chocolate, but the cookies DO live next to the dog treats; therefore each time a human enjoys a people cookie the pugs usually get a canine cookie as well. We wouldn't want them to feel left out. Thus the dismay at the lack of cookies/trips to the cookie jar.
The back of the box does mention that the Girl Scouts can earn their daisy leaf financial literacy badge... perhaps this is the lesson provided for good old American consumerism and profits?
Perplexed. And. Dismayed.

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