Friday, July 17, 2009, not that kind...

Frank was rather delighted several days ago when it was announced that I had the morning off! We quickly packed it up and headed out for a full fledged romp in the grassy (though technically not "off-leash") area of the dog park....

Oh Frank! What a delightful field in which to roam!
Unfortunately, after this picturesque grass romp, Frank found a bit of something nasty in which to roll, the result being, of course, an impending bath upon arrival home.

Frank was not delighted by this development.

Here we see him flipping out at the notion of getting in the bath bin...


...and choking, rather alarmingly I must say, on the grass.
Oh, my.

Apparently, when Frank gets a wee bit over stimulated and engages in the pug scoot, it is not the best time simultaneously enjoy a delicious taste of lawn...

Eventually, Frank overcame the perils of his turfy snack and settled into what appeared to be a rather enjoyable soak,

followed by a delightful drying session in the sun with a bone.

Oh Frank, if only we could all be pugs.

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