Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frank is NOT enjoying the heat wave.

In the interest of keeping a handsome pug cool in such mournfully hot weather (sadly without air conditioning) we decided that it was rather necessary to hose down his body temperature. However, in order for a pug not to feel that he is being punished, it is rather advisable to create a water themed game...

Frank, being a pug, enjoys eating pretty much anything, so hosing him down remains fairly delightful as long as he thinks that the real goal is to ingest as much water as possible.
Oh Frank! Such a fun and refreshing way to hydrate!

(Thanks MJ for the very fine film footage!)

1 comment:

Puglette said...

oh, frank! your water game looks delightful. that looks like more fun than getting a bath in cool water with two other dogs at the same time...that's what heppened in our house.

and frank, your enjoyment of your fan is sublime.

oh,frank...we enjoy your snipits of the goodlife of a one eyed pug.