Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where have you been?

You may be wondering to yourself "wherever has Frank been this last week of 2008"? Well I am sad to say that he has been holed up with his rather sick mother upon her return from Nebraska. However, fear not! It turns out that Frank made out like a bandit on the Christmas front,

and therefore has not been at all dismayed or without anything to do.
Oh Frank! So many delightful new toys to chew and squeak!

I am sad to say that he does appear to have a rather bored expression on his face. This is not actually due to the delightful new toys, but rather to the fact that he is watching a piece of cheese in my hand as I take the picture. Oh Frank, there is indeed not much that you wouldn't do for a nice piece of cheese!

Rest assured that as we recuperate Frank will be up and about with some new adventures for the new year!

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