Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Mini Escape to the Sunshine

To say that the season is not yet improving would be a grievous understatement. Frank had not seen the sun in so very long that we decided to head up north a bit to where we heard that it was shining. Frank was very pleased to be not only invited, but to be the decisive factor as to where we stayed; we got a recommendation for a hotel that not only allows dogs, but encourages them to come along!

Frank was very pleased when he arrived to find a special set of accommodations just for him:

Yes those are treats in the bowl.
AND his very own fireplace it would seem!

(The spotted water bowl is actually ours, Frank is very peculiar about what he will drink from)

You would think that Frank would have been delighted with his cozy bed by the fire, but after a quick spin about the room he must have decided that it was a bit too lowly for him.

Oh Frank, you look a little lost.

Later that evening Frank was very dismayed to find that the edges of the tub were so high that he couldn't see where I was, and so he made quite an impressive (mainly because he didn't overshoot) leap up to the rim.

Good thing that I had set that towel there to dry off my reading hand!
Oh Frank, you are a wonder indeed! Who says a one eyed pug can't have depth perception?

The next morning, after surveying the scene from the balcony,

we went for a little walk in the woods.

Frank proved himself to be quite adventuresome, and scampered quite a ways up the trail ahead of us before panicking and bolting back down.

He is rather nimble and quick.

Oh Frank! What a delightful mini vacation.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Frank...
Such a fabulous guest you are in the doggie-friendly hotel!!!! Clearly you were meant for luxury, sunshine and vacations!!
Kisses on the lips from your fan,

Frank's People said...

Yes! It is the Hotel Bellweather in Bellingham!