Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Reading Corner

To say that the weather here has not been delightful would be a gross understatement. Frank, who has been extremely saddened by the lack of walks, spends many a moment forgetting that it is raining out and crying at the door. When I open the door to show him that it is, in fact, still raining, he looks at me like I am quite possibly the biggest jerk ever... Oh Frank, if only I could control the weather.

In an effort to brighten things up and to warm the greyness of my heart, I decided that it would be excellent to have a place that was so very warm and cozy that I didn't mind the transfer out of my warm pug infused bed and out into the cold of day. A reading corner! Freshly set up to coincide with my new daily subscription to the New York Times; complete with a lamp, space heater, blanket, window, and table for my cup of coffee made from freshly purchased beans from the local coffee shop!

I was all snuggled into my corner when the phone rang After popping up to answer it I turned around to find that my warm, vacated spot had been discovered....

He is deliberately avoiding eye contact.

Oh Frank. I am so pleased that I could set up an area to make you comfortable, unfortunately you have made it so that I can neither reach my delicious cup of coffee nor can I spread my paper out on the arm of the sofa, nor can I cover up with the cozy blanket against which you are so clearly leaning.
I did eventually wedge my way back in, but not without a pug, fully covered by a blanket, in my lap - also not helpful with reading the paper.

Later that evening I tried again to visit the reading corner, but after getting up for the paper I, yet again, found a rascal in my spot. I waited for Frank to eagerly make room for me as I approached, and though this is a rather short clip, I think outcome is pretty clear.

Oh Frank.

If only you weren't so handsome.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sticker...great design.
Frank is adorable and we enjoyed reading about his exploits! Love his messy face.

The staff @ Railey's