Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Ham Snort

Today at lunch I ran home from work to grab a quick ham sandwich. As I turned around I found that I was being studied rather acutely by someone small and furry.

It was then that I heard a rather baffling sound. At first I thought that it was coming, as many odd sounds are these days, from the shoddy condominium construction going on across the street.

In fact it was not...I recommend turning your volume up a bit to get the full effect...

and thus I introduce the ham snort.

Oh Frank. His dad says that I am NOT allowed to feed him such a large slice of ham, but really when someone is so eager for a smackrel that he snorts with each inhalation, what is a pug mom to do?


Anonymous said...

Oh Frank, your snort is so enthusiastic.

I especially like how the ham slowly descends into the frame from above, like a lunchmeat descending from the heavens.


Puglette said...

you give in to their puggy goodness and give them the ham.