Monday, February 2, 2009

The Tuna Wail

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't hate the realization after a long day of work, that a) you are starving, and that b) you have absolutely nothing to eat in the house?

Why yes, as a matter of fact there is!

The no food in the house situation is absolutely without a doubt one of Frank's favorite times. It means that upon a brisk arrival home and a dismayed search through various cupboards, drawers, and shelves, Frank's dad and I invariably emerge with a can or two of tuna fish.

Oh Frank. Delicious.

There is not much in this world that Frank enjoys more than a can of tuna fish, except for maybe fresh Copper River Salmon, but that is decidedly more of a financial investment and is also, fortunately, out of season.

Upon hearing the click of the can opener it takes Frank about .001 second flat to make it from any corner of the apartment to the kitchen. He is then allowed, with much delight in his heart, to lick the scrapings from the bottom of each individual tuna tin. What a lucky pug indeed!

Assuming that Frank was content with having just enjoyed a delicious treat of not one, but three cans of tuna tidbits (not to mention having cleaned them out very nicely for recycling), I turned my back on him to commence with the preparation of the human version of the evening meal. Quite suddenly my ears were confronted with perhaps the most pathetic noise that I have ever heard coming from a creature not on Animal Planet.

I now present to you, hot on the tail of the Ham Snort, The Tuna Wail...

Oh Frank. If only we could all be so focused on the things we most desire.
And no, I do not condone what could become a quite unfortunate behavior - at least not after I have captured it for the enjoyment of Frank fans everywhere...

(I particularly enjoy the mini squeak when he first turns his pleading eyes to the camera....)

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Queen said...

Hahaha! I finally had the chance to listen to this and the Ham Snort! Both are quite fantastic. The tuna wail is just awful. That little pug is going to guilt all of us into doing his bidding.

-Chris at All the Best Pet Care on QA