Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tuna Wail Defense...

(This mini-blog defense assumes that the reader has already enjoyed the previous post "The Tuna Wail". If you have not, you may want to scroll down and peruse that prior to reading this!)

I have just gotten off of the phone with Frank's grandmother who announced that she was tempted to report me to the ASPCA because it was so mean to keep Frank waiting for his tuna as he cried - which made me realize that I had not been clear at all! At the time of the Tuna Wail Frank had ALREADY fully enjoyed the contents of the can - he was simply staring at them with the dream that perhaps if he just hoped hard enough, a wee bit more tuna might appear....

As evidence I have posted this aerial view of the VERY clean cans of tuna taken before the cinematic capture of The Tuna Wail:
The ASPCA indeed!

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Puglette said...

oh, frank...your tuna wail is delightful. we have experienced such wails and stares from our puggies as well. tonight it was the chicken wail accompanied with impatient barks as if to command a more speedy delivery of chicken to waiting mouths.