Thursday, February 5, 2009

Surf's Up!

Much to Frank's delight, I have recently had a lighter than normal work load. This means that not only do I have extra quality time with which to spoon a pug, but also with which to do some research into various pug activities that Frank might enjoy.

Last night Frank was a bit cowed by a delightful video which we discovered while perusing YouTube - I highly recommend that you get all the way through, though the first 30 seconds may seem a little dull (it is only a minute long I think). Frank particularly enjoys the air swim as the pug is being lowered into place:

(oh - and if you are at work you may want to turn down the sound... the soundtrack sounds a bit like something that might accompany a different type of online video - NOT a brilliant choice I say...)

Oh FRANK! Time to break out your life preserver!!!

1 comment:

Puglette said...

goodness, frank! they are handling you like luggage!!