Friday, January 16, 2009


A moment in the thoughts of Frank:

Oh, hey... hey that looks like pizza she might be eating...mmm,cheese.

Wait, wait, maybe she doesn't see me, let me just...
...move around here.

Oh. No. Ok, let me just try... we go! Yes, that's good. And I can drool on her knees...

Please note the tortured and pained look in Frank's eye. Please do not call the ASPCA. I promise he ate heartily less than an hour before this photo was taken.

Sadly Frank, the pizza is all gone.

Late that night I resumed the same position on the couch, in my reading and pizza eating corner, which apparently Frank now feels is a signal that pizza may be in the vicinity. Asleep though he had been, it didn't take long before a tired little head poked up for one last, hope filled effort.

Oh Frank...I know, it is very hard to be a pug.

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