Friday, November 16, 2007


Welcome to the world baby Dylan!!!!

Some of Frank's VERY favorite friends in the world M and C - M was Frank's dresser at the wedding making sure that his bow tie was straight; C, on the other hand, was the official pug wrangler for the ceremony - have just delivered the cutest baby (um, human baby) EVER.

Frank wished to offer this advice to the wee one: If ever you want anything really really badly, you should scrunch up your face so that there are a lot of wrinkles, close one eye, and then stare at the person from who you want your desired treat very intensely with your open eye (open it as wide as you can, this helps) as if only the cruelest person in the WORLD would be so mean as to deny you all of your hearts desires.

It is quite effective.

Oh and he also wished to say that can't wait until you are old enough to pull on his tail, and that he is sorry for stepping on you so many times in your mom's belly....

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