Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Face Only a Mother (and Father!) could love...

The puppy pictures have been found!
I do realize that this picture of Frank is a bit blurry, but look at how little he is! How could anyone resist taking home such a cute little pup ?

Pictured here, of course, is Frank with his first Halloween treat - it is in fact a dog cookie, however all he could do was lick the frosting because he was so little. Probably best.

Oh my! You may be asking why anyone would consider such a charming, handsome little dude a bit of a rescue at all!

Allow me to illustrate:

Oh my....

No, pictured above is not a cartoon character from the latest animated alien series, though it would be a charming one... Oh Frank, how could anyone be so mean and not take care of you? How in the world could a person let a puppy get to this state? Though I have to admit, I am a sucker for the underdog....

Allow me to share with you the list from Franks first vet visit:

Obviously - loss of vision and who knows what else in right eye from improper care and infection of a puncture - please see specialist - 2 eyedrops 3x a day in the meantime

Suspicion of a cataract (later confirmed) in left eye - please see specialist

Ear infection both ears - cleaner and ointment every day

Infection on bottom of right foot - clean and ointment 2x a day

Medication for parasite coxcidia (SP) - 2x a day

Medicated shampoo for dandruff/bacteria - bath every 3 days.

Oh Frank. The vets didn't think you were going to make it...

It seems to me that you have pulled through like a champ and now have a very rough life indeed.

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Chris said...

Adorable! This post made my day.
Frank is one of the raddest customers. (I work at All The Best Pet Care).