Thursday, November 1, 2007

Someone's Having Trouble Sleeping...

...and it certainly isn't this guy...

Early on in Frank's life we discovered that he liked to burrow. So, in order that our pug enjoy his snoozing, we found the perfect covered dog bed into which he could snuggle (please note: Gentle Pig was not placed here, Frank carries him to bed every night).

However, Frank is very warm and quite soft, not to mention persistent, and at some point while his father was out of town racing I may have gotten a bit chilly and invited him in for a snuggle. Now he has a new bed into which he likes to burrow...

Yep. Ours.

He starts out curled up in a little ball, then, in the middle of the night, he stretches and expands - it appears that even his ears stretch out. Once the neck expands the snoring starts. Frank is pretty small so it is with great shock that people discover he snores like a very large man with sinus trouble.

I seem to be the only one not sleeping. Frank doesn't wake himself up. My husband can sleep right through it. This means that Frank must make sure that he gets attention from his dad in other ways:

Here is Frank helping his dad work.

It is rather hard to be Frank.