Saturday, November 3, 2007

Frank's Special Day

This past June was a very important month for Frank. Several weeks of it were spent at his "vacation home" in Colorado. Frank thinks that his vacation home, actually the charming Victorian abode of his grandparents, is a mansion due to the fact that he lives in a one bedroom duplex here with us. The reason for this visit was in fact our wedding. Very exciting for a pug; a lot of food and a lot of people. Here is a picture diary of Frank's day at the wedding (which was held at his vacation home).

Frank was rather please to find that a lot of cooking goes on around a wedding. In fact, he rarely left the kitchen, especially if the oven was on. Here he is pictured warming up as he valiantly guards some baking beans.

Next it was time to get dressed. Here, with the help of Gentle Pig and his own personal dresser Madeleine (whose purple dress is barely visible - she is in fact a professional dresser at the Opera and was quite fortunately on hand, as Frank and I both required someone to constantly straighten our bows and to generally keep us in line - Thanks Madeleine!) Frank adorns his white bow tie collar...

OH Frank! You are so handsome in your nice straight bow tie! And how thoughtful of you to greet the guests and make sure that no appetizers fall and dirty up the floor!

Naturally Frank had to join us for our first picture as a married couple....

Then Frank helped make sure that nothing spilled behind the bar,

or under any tables,

or off of any plates

Finally, Frank helped us take our first bite of cake...

Oh Frank, you look so peaceful and serene in your aunt's arms.

But wait! Suddenly a piece of cake is dropped - please note the look of sheer and utter terror that crosses Frank's face as he realizes that he might miss it...

Oh Frank, what a big day!