Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Fashion

This morning, as we were getting ready to go for our walk, Frank subtly let me know that he was displeased with the temperature outside. This is what we call the "hunker down and glare":

The HDG (for short) shows up frequently when it is raining and we want to go for a walk, when it is windy and we want to go for a walk, when it is cold and we want to go for a walk, and when it looks as though Frank's dad and I might be heading off somewhere without him (for even if it is cold/rainy/windy and Frank doesn't want to go out - clearly we should be staying home with him).

I have learned that if I get Frank out the door and down half the block he is usually rather glad to be out and about. However, since he is a pug and therefore has some body temperature regulation issues (they can't warm up or cool down very well due to their short noses - I know, another terrific question on the long list of How Did This Dog Overcome Natural Selection?) it was necessary, I felt, to purchase Frank a doggie coat. He was not so fond of it our first year here because it was a little big and it covered his tail which is how we learned that Frank will absolutely not move if his tail is at all inhibited. Here Frank models this years first appearance of his favorite Canine outerwear:

Oh Frank, how toasty and warm you look!

And, just in case you are still pondering Natural Selection question above, allow me to help.... now who, I ask, could turn this away?

Yep. Being cute certainly has paid off for the pug....

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