Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Happy Saturday

This morning, though it was threatening to rain, I decided that since Frank's dad was out of town we would spend a fun filled day together. So, after the purchase of a delicious egg-nog latte (sounds terrible, but if you have them put in 1/3 of the usual nog and more milk it is actually quite tasty and delicious - Frank agrees as he always gets a little lick when it blurbs out of the top) off we went to our favorite dog park.

The beginning of the park trip was rather exciting as Frank found a little black french bulldog and a 4 month old terrier of some kind to romp around with - however it was raining and so I have no pictures. Quite sad.
Once the rain let up Frank decided it was time to tuck his tail and scoot. This means that Frank tucks into a little ball and runs around helter skelter.

Sadly, I am not much of a photographer, but if you look hard for the little black dot going straight for the large puddle, that would be Frank.

Here he comes!

And, there he goes....
You know, some nosy lady once told me that pugs don't like to run? Frank and I do not enjoy a busy body.

After the dog park it was off to PetCo to pick up some food. While we were there it was important investigate some options for the upcoming Holidays.

We started off with a few stripes, but Frank, as you can see by his expression, was not pleased. I believe he felt, as we all do, that horizontal stripes are never a good idea. Especially around the holidays.
How about a reindeer?OH Frank, look at how those horns bring out your eye! No? Ok well lets try one more...

OH my! I do believe we've found a winner!

Frank was not amused.
Since I don't actually like to torture Frank we left the elf hat in the store and proceeded home with a candy cane treat and a red collar (so that Frank will match the colors of his dad's new business!)

Mmm - delicious. (Actually it was quite gross and Frank gave up on it a few minutes later as the red part crumbled away. Ick.)

After such a strenuous day Frank retired to his car seat, which has somehow ended up in the house where he enjoys it far more than when it is in the car, for a bit of a snooze...
Oh my.

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Minchen said...

Ohhhhhh. I love a little fashion show! Yay Frank!