Monday, March 18, 2013

Rain Gear

Guess what...

It's raining again.
Oh, but Frank! At least you have your fancy new coat!! It has a fleece lining so that he stays both warm AND dry. In true little brother fashion, Bean has inherited his old one... 
he just loves it....

Actually, he hates it, but it is a VAST improvement from the previous one which I thought was such a good deal ($12 vs. $70 for Frank's red one - yes, 70! for a dog coat!!! even I balked! But it is very hard to find one with a hood, especially a hood that doesn't constrict the ears and rides above the head like both of the current ones do so that the hood isn't immediately shaken/pulled off). 

Let us just say, it is not a bargain if it is a piece of you know what; I do not recommend the poncho looking versions. 

If you are seeking a durable and light weight raincoat, I must say that the Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Rain Jacket (modeled by Bean) IS quite good for an active pup that doesn't need added warmth... however, they seem not to be making them anymore and you have to seek them on ebay; GREAT news since it usually drops the price! (PS! I learned during my search that is now featuring pet wear/supplies!)

If you would like an extra layer of warmth, we have discovered the RC Pets Robson Rainwear 
(modeled by Frank). I was overjoyed as I have been searching literally for years for another coat with the scalloped hoody... It looks like they also offer a slicker version with no lining and fun colors, The Yaletown Slicker , though I would not endorse it as I have not tried it, and of course their poncho, which is affordable, but as I mentioned before, not great at staying on nor is it durable, however it is tempting with fun colors and it packs up very small in a pinch.

Frank and Bean hope you all stay dry out there!

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