Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Courting Danger!

As many a pug owner can tell you, caring for such an adorable bug eyed creature comes part and parcel  with an exhaustive day to day process of making sure that one's pug does not get to close to anything which may poke  them in their ever preset eyeballs (though Frank IS quite handsome with only one leftover eye...). We look for extended bush limbs, long nails on play buddies, thorns on blackberry bushes... but it was with horror that I glanced down while drinking my coffee this morning to discover Bean's eyeball courting danger whilst lying "safely" in bed!

BEAN!!! Get away from that newspaper!!! Don't you know what a paper cut on the eyeball could do to you!?! 
(To be fair, his grandmother was accepting opinions on who the new Pope might be and I think perhaps Bean was investigating the listed candidates in the hope of offering his opinion).

He looked relatively shocked at my strong reaction... 

(oh, and add the fingers of toddlers to the danger list, those shiny orbs are so very hard for them to resist!)

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