Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moby Whisk

I don't mean to make Frank self conscious, but it must be said that in the past month a rather prominent white whisker has appeared amongst his very sleek black whiskers... we have named it Moby Whisk. 

In the interest of scientific research I googled the top 10 reasons that we go grey, and here is what I found:
- Bad Diet
-Vitiligo, we don't know or care so much about whatever that is
- Lack of B12 and/or folic acid
- Tooth Whitening and something about Hydrogen Peroxide
- Smoking, Genes, Age, etc... when suddenly the lyrics to a rather embarrassing country song serendipitously came on: (I have inserted some additional and I think quite enhancing lyrics parenthetically):

They say time takes it's toll on a body 
Makes a young girl's (or pug's) brown (or black) hair (or whiskers) turn gray 
Well, honey, I don't care I ain't in love with your hair
And if it all fell out Well I'd love you anyway. (and I would buy you lot's of fancy sweaters because you would get oh so cold) (especially in the rain!)

That's right! Frank's advice? Wear that white whisker proudly! Frank for one is just filled with delight  to have made it long enough to have a white whisker, fixer upper of a wee sick runt that he was! Oh Frank! We are ALL so pleased!

Oh Bean, you are getting smootch from such a wisened handsome pug! (this was also the only shot of Moby that I could get, please note it there right under Bean's snout, the little rascals were NOT cooperating!)

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