Monday, March 4, 2013

Now, if you happen to be sitting with your morning coffee and thinking to yourself:
  "Gee, I wonder who would make the absolute worst CIA agent ever?", please allow me to assist you in wondering no more!If it ever so happened that Frank were given some classified information, say perhaps about the source of all power in the universe, and was then captured by the enemy, and the enemy said something along the lines of "Ok Mr. One Eye, tell us what we want to know so that we can decimate the world and ruin the lives of millions of people and creatures as well as that of Gentle Pig and everything you love, or ELSE... we will take you for a walk... IN THE RAIN!" 
Guess what Frank would do...

(That is a video of me trying vainly to pull Frank up from his spot and out the door. Bean is being very helpful, as you can see....)

Yep, goodbye Gentle Pig and all of the world as we know it...

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