Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Unfortunate Situation.

Oh my. Well, spring has arrived (though it might be hard to tell around these parts due to the rather gray wetness that has persisted quite to the dismay of people and pugs alike), and with it the joyful morning call of the robin. Under normal circumstances it would be my pleasure to gently wake up to a robin's cheerful tune, however this year we have run into an unfortunate situation.

Below we see pictured one handsome black pug and two of his very favorite toys, Chirpy Bird and Robin Red Breast. (You may want to know that Frank's toys tend to have rather distinct names, this way he is able to learn all of their names Gentle Pig, Your New Friend, Floppy Pheasant, and Black Footed Ferret to name a few. Oh Frank! You are so clever!)

These delightful birds were given to Frank my his Grandmother in Colorado, who was very proud to announce that they make the actual sound of the bird they represent. Frank was delighted, as were we, this winter when we received the thoughtful gifts. We are not so delighted now. It turns out that the songs are INDEED realistic, so much so in fact, that every morning when the robins start chirping outside or our window, Frank immediately bolts upright (RATHER disconcerting since he is usually under the covers being spooned) to look around for the person who might possibly be so extremely wonderful as to want to play with a small furry pug and his Robin Red Breast first thing in the morning! And I do mean first thing. 5:30 to be exact.

Oh Frank, your grandmother has assured us that she will no longer purchase birds that are indigenous to this region. Perhaps we can expect a penguin next year...

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