Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally! The sun...

OH Frank! You look so pleased that the sun has finally poked through for a FULL day - the first one in about six months!

Yes, it's true. We finally had a day of sunshine. In order to celebrate, some of Frank's favorite friends, and a delightful new friend or two, decided to head out for an after work drink.
Not wanting to exclude anyone at all who is small and black and furry, Frank's godmother (semi-pictured above) immediately called her very, very delightful boyfriend BSS who went and held us an outdoor table for over an hour! Thank you BSS!

The only thing that could possibly have made Frank more joyful than being invited along was the discovery, upon our arrival, that there was already a pug in attendance!

Below we see the very stately Zoloft who, I must say, was quite well behaved in comparison to Frank.

What a handsome pair... Hmm, maybe Frank's lack of gentlemanly behavior had something to do with the sneaking of a lap or two...

OH Frank, delicious!

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