Saturday, April 5, 2008


WELL, yesterday Frank was VERY pleased to wake up and find that the SUN was actually out and that it was quite warm outside. We wasted no time at all in packing up the car and heading out to the D-O-G-P-A-R-K (we have to spell it because otherwise Frank becomes a wee bit unmanageable).
As one might expect, Frank was eager to behave like a dog and put his snout, well, what he has of a snout, out the window. This is a problem. As you know from the title of his blog, Frank does, in fact, have only eye. This means that we can not allow for any stray grit or grim to fly into his leftover eye at great speed. OH Frank! However would you watch the squirrels frolicking in the yard if you lost your other eye?

But Frank! What are we to do? You are so eager to have your ears flapping in the breeze!

The solution, it turns out, is pictured below:

Doggles! That's right folks.... Doggles, and doesn't Frank look smart in his shiny red pair?!

Of course there is one problem; because Frank is a pug, and therefore does not have a snout on which to rest his doggles, they press down on his nose and make it rather hard for him to breath. BUT WAIT! Thanks to the fact that Frank only has one eye, the solution quickly became clear - you must tilt the doggles a wee bit askew so that they are no longer centered on the nose! The result in a "normal" pug would be that one doggle would rest squarely in one eye, but no such problem for Frank!

(Now, I must say that taking a picture of your dog wearing his doggles while driving and holding him in you lap is remarkably difficult... but, I did my best)

OH FRANK! Sometimes it is so fortuitous to be a one eyed pug!

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