Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A mighty cold pug....

Oh Frank. Well, yesterday the sun peeked out for a very few moments. Seizing the opportunity, Frank's dad and I decided to grab a quick outdoor dinner nearby and thought that we would bring a certain small black pug along. Seeing as how the sun was out, we did not outfit Frank in one of his many stylish coats. Sadly the weather did not hold.

Oh Frank. How EVER did the pug overcome natural selection?

It was not long before Frank's little ears were trembling with shivers. The pug, as you may know, does not control his (or her) temperature very well, in large part because of their short snout. We are also VERY proud of Frank's athletic build, but because he is such a fit young specimen he does not have much insulation.

The solution:

OH Frank. You look so handsome in your mother's vest. It is too bad that she is so very cold so that you can be warm. (And no, I do not condone allowing the a pug to sit at the table, but, oh my, the ground was so cold....)

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