Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Frank's Christmas

Well, it has been a rough week for Frank. After returning home from Christmas at his vacation home where there was constant feeding from his grandmother and playing with his grandfather he was RATHER depressed for 3 days. Here is a bit of a photographic Frank Christmas:

Here we see that Frank has arrived at his Colorado Grandparents well decorated home. It was nice to know that this year Frank had lost his taste for pine needles and poinsettas.
On our first night all together, Frank received his favorite treat, and in case you thought that a pug's eye could not get any bigger, I believe the next photo will prove you wrong:

That's right. A steak bone. Frank was quite sad when he had stripped all of the meat off of the bone, but was heartened the next day when we returned from a Christmas Eve viewing of Sweeney Todd to find that his grandmother had put out a welcoming sign...

Alas, it turned out that there were no meat pies at all...

The next day was Christmas and Frank wasted no time at all in sniffing out his very own stocking:

OH Frank! How eager you must be!
Frank then wasted no time at all in pulling the stocking to the ground,

rooting about, and getting stuck in a rather compromising position:

What was that, you may wonder, sticking out of the top of the stocking? Why a pheasant of course! (this photo was actually taken upon our return home when the appearance of his new pheasant did in fact bolster Frank's waning spirits...)

OH Frank! You are quite the bird dog!

After opening his stocking Frank still had a few more gifts to go. Here we see pictured his new Hide-A-Bee refills and his new Hide-A-Gingerbread Man especially for Christmas.

Oh Frank. It is very hard to be you. After a long day of excitement there was a bit of a collapse in front of the fire:

where Frank spent the rest of his vacation. When he was not in the kitchen of course...

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