Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pug Week

Frank is a big fan of The Discovery Channel's shark week, mainly because there are a couple of laps on which to snuggle as his dad and I watch for hours with fascination. Just this week I was able to capture some evidence of Frank's very own predatory habits.

You may want to notice below the tell tale signs that a feeding frenzy is about to take place, most notably the very tense lips....

Ah, the prey has appeared. An unsuspecting french fry (not on a pug's recommended diet...)

First we see the brief investigation and move in...

followed by a dip down to pick up acceleration....

And! The Lunge!!!

OH Frank! What a frightening display! The final removing of all evidence that a feeding has occured comes very quickly after the lunge. You may ask yourself, "how EVER was that french fry chewed AND swallowed in such a short amount of time?" Indeed, it is a fascinating question.

As you can see, that final two steps are done with great speed and agility so that Frank can prepare with great hope for the next French Fry to swim by:
OH Frank. Such a fine specimen to study!

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Susanna said...

Oh Frank, how I have missed you! There are very few things that can lift my spirits as much as reading your blog!