Thursday, July 9, 2015

San Francisco, The Good & The Bad Summer Time Edition... #2

Well, we have been a BIT delinquent on our San Francisco the Good & Bad posts because it turns out this little summer time stint was actually pretty delightful! And really, it just isn't as fun when there isn't something to fume about a bit!
So here we go with the Good:
Our dog walker in the East Bay. Penny.
We love her, and by love I mean the pugs go berserk when she arrives and then hide in her car when she drops them off so that they don't have to leave her. My sister and Penny literally had to corner Bean in the car one day to capture him. She has been taking the boys since 2011 and here is a snippet of the kind of delight they find in a day with her...
First there is the pick up, and I know you all might be concerned that Frank & Bean could suffer from having to be caged in the back of a doggie day care van...
Nope! Front seat it is!
And where might our handsome friends be going? For a simple walk around the park?
Heavens NO! Point Isabel Dog Park? Yes please!
While here the pack not only gets to swim but also usually gets to split a hot dog (all cut up for pups) from the dog/human snack stand.
Oh boys, delicious!
And of course I am certain that everyone is worried about wee Frank keeping up with the pack with his limited eye sight and arthritis...
No need!
What's that Frank?
Indeed! You are a very lucky pup. 
Thank you Penny for all of your love and care!
Now, for the bad (which also has a good silver lining, but that lining actually comes from Seattle)...
What you may not be able to see here is a wee bit of grey area on Frank's eye. Frank CAN NOT seem to come to SF and not poke his eye. I feel it is in protest. I watch him like a hawk, and I literally can never figure out how. It's hard having an eyeball that sticks out and can't really see so well!
At any rate, he poked his eye and we do not have his eye angel, Dr. Sullivan here to see him. So, we went to the emergency vet in Berkeley, and then we went back to their ophthalmologist, who we did NOT enjoy or trust. (We seem to have had NOT great luck with specialists here, but we do enjoy Dr. Hollenback at Broadway Pet Hospital for every day!)
This was followed by frantic communication and picture sending with Dr. Sullivan at the Animal Eye Clinic in Seattle, who literally swooped in and called in and saved the day, and the eye. Yet again. Twice, he called in two different prescriptions on two different days to two different pharmacies in SF/Oakland, while also saving the eyes of the pets of Seattle as well as their friends at the zoo and the aquarium and who even knows where else.
We pretty much think he is the best thing ever.
Oh Frank!! Who is so very lucky to have such wonderful humans in their life!!

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TheOffended said...

I think I'd like to spend the day with Penny - does she offer people walking service? I don't mind riding in the backseat and I promise not to hog the hot dogs.