Tuesday, May 26, 2015

San Francisco, The Good & the Bad Summer Time Edition!

Yep! That's right Frank & Bean fans! We are back in SF for a couple of months! It must be said that staying for 2 months is far less daunting than last fall's 5 month stint, and because we are staying with the pugs cousin Gussie for free during June, we were able to find some delightful accommodations in the city for the rest of the time which we otherwise may not have been able to afford!
So, here we go!
Starting with the good:
We are 1, 1! block away from the delightful Duboce Triangle Off Leash Area. Oh BEAN!!! The open field! The frisking and frolicking with your frisbee! And unlike the closest park last year, this one is MOSTLY beer cap, cigarette butt, joint butt free! Even after a weekend of sun. We aren't saying that folks should not have fun and fill themselves with delight, but, well, this is a bit more to our taste - bottle caps do not feel good on a sensitive pug paw!
The Bad:
Yes Frank and Bean, you should look perplexed. And yes you did hear me correctly when I revealed that this teeny, tiny, luke warm orange juice purchased from the cafĂ© across the street from your lovely dog park was INDEED $6.50. Totally reasonable to the humans here it would appear...
Oh Frank & Bean! Such adventures to be had!

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