Sunday, September 9, 2012

Super Stylin'

Woah!!! Frank!!! What IS that brilliant new accessory that you have about your neck?!

Oh my! So sleek and stylish! And what, your readers might be thinking, could be more perfect for a one eyed pug (who is also a Johnny Depp fan, or so I would like to think...)!

Now, readers, don't be worried. I could understand how you might be thinking that Frank's new taste for high fashion might have gone to his head. Please let me assure you that he has, thus far, remained rather unimpressed with his new uptown style status...

Oh Frank. 

Thank you Auntie Lauren for keeping us so fashionable!

Oh Bean! I'm sorry, did you have something you would like to add to today's post?

Oh, indeed! Happy Birthday Grandpa Railey!!

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