Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Pear season has arrived.
Now, I am a fan of a pear, especially with a bit of Stilton cheese and a side of port. However, the pears that we have BOUNTIFULLY growing in our back yard are not the delicious kind. They are the hard kind. Very hard. Like a large green rock.


Only these large green rocks fall out of the sky. The good news is that the pears falling from a greater height crash through several yards of branches before descending to the ground, with a shocking velocity, so you have a few brief moments with which you can flee to the door.
If a pear falls from a low branch you are out of luck, but at least it has not dropped from as high.

The result of either of these pears falling and thunking a human squarely on the head is a headache and a rather large lump. However, what about a pug?! The pears are just about the size of their heads AND they have even farther to fall to hit a small pug close to the ground...
 What to DO?! I feel that Bean, since his eyes are basically on the top of his head and they work and he is ever so small and quick, has a relatively good chance of escaping damage.
Frank on the other hand, well, Frank = not so hardy. 
The solution?

Oh FRANK!!! You look so handsome in your old bicycle helmet!!!
Safety first! No one likes a concussed pug, no matter how handsome!

I am sad to say that it took several times for Frank to re-acquaint himself fondly with his helmet. Perhaps it is because, due to the rather round shape his head, it tends to slip down over his eyes. We have secured it safely to his new Outdoor in Pear Season Collar, and readers may now rest assured that all is well.

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