Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morning Face

A while back there was a very popular website that encouraged ladies to take their photo first thing in the morning to revel their "true" beauty (a popular photo blogged by her then husband of Katy Perry was, I do believe, the start of this fad.) Frank finds this to be a rather dumb website, especially because he suspects that most of these ladies have in fact done quite a bit of primping pre-photo or else just woke up after a night at the club with their make-up still on... cast your own judgements here:
Morning Faces?

Never the less, Frank does like to keep up with the times, so...

 Oh Frank!

I sent this along to the website. It was rejected, which I understand; why would you want to make all of those ladies feel so badly by showing them someone who looks so very naturally handsome in the morning?

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