Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sad Thanksgiving News...

Oh, hey. Hey,what's that you have there. Hmm, let me have a closer look...

Yes, let's see, maybe if I could just get my tongue in there I could have a little taste,

mmm... eggnog....

Well, I am sad to report that many of Frank's Thanksgiving pictures are not to be found. This may have to do with the fact that the camera, missing if you will recall for the last week, was in a place with quite a lot of children, so there were many pictures of little feet, but less of Frank. However, some have survived so allow me to present just a few highlights!

This is why Frank was especially pleased over the holiday:

his rule of thumb, the more the merrier. Frank's dad and I are currently in a smallish one bedroom, though it does have a yard that Frank rather enjoys, so the imminent arrival of his aunt required the purchasing of an aerobed. If only the picture of Frank standing on it while it was being inflated was not lost - please use your imagination here -. Frank was delighted to find that there was another bed to which he had access and as a token of his appreciation you can see that he left his new turkey toy (red and yellow tail sticking up) for our guests to enjoy. The turkey was quite slobbery and spent a lot of time gobbling as it seems to have short circuited a bit. Perhaps from the slobber.

Also pleasing to Frank was the addition of a new lap on which to lie down:

Here we see Frank enjoying the lap of Ben as Ben enjoys a glass of our favorite Mcrea wine, provided by Frank's grandfather to ensure that fun was had by all. Nothing pleases Frank more than when everyone is home enjoying some wine with him.

Well, we will make sure that there are more pictures for Christmas.
Oh Frank, you do enjoy a holiday.

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