Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How Delightful

Oh yes, Frank does enjoy the Christmas season. There are usually a lot of people around, which Frank loves, and those same people are frequently eating rather large portions of food which they can't quite finish. Frank likes this even better. Below is the festive scene that greets the evening pedestrians as they stroll by our home:Oh Frank, you are such and intimidating figure all aglow.

One thing that Frank does not enjoy about the Holidays is the cold weather that frequently accompanies them. Occasionally the little guy feels a wee bit of trepidation about heading out for a walk. When this happens I simply say, "Shall we go to the coffee shop," at which point Frank runs and waits by the door, rain or shine. As you may have guessed, the coffee shop features a fine collection of friendly baristas who are very generous with their large tub of doggie biscuits. Mmm. Delicious. Here we see Frank eagerly waiting at what he thinks is the take out window -
it is actually a rather small gap between the counter and the muffins l into which he frequently thrusts his head, which in turn frequently gets stuck. This is where the treats come from, and the way that the pug runs down the hill to get one you would think that not only he was he not fed his breakfast less than an hour ago, but perhaps that he had been starving for the better part of a year.
Frank is very good at being focused when there is food involved.
Also featured in the above photo is another handy tool which has increased Frank's enjoyment of a chilly morning walk. It is his new waterproof down jacket! We love it! A Christmas gift from the beautiful Bianca Cree, who is the cat of Frank's dad's business partner and his lovely wife! But wait, there is more:
That's right! The jacket also features a waterproof hoodie! Now, you may think that a pug would not enjoy a hood, but it is actually quite the opposite in the case of Frank. Where as he would not previously set foot outside in the rain, with the hoodie keeping his head dry he seems doesn't even notice that it is wet out! Thank you Crees!

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Dana said...

Oh Frank does look handsome in his new coat! I think Yellow is his color.

Bianka refuses to wear anything, as most cats do. She wore a little sweatshirt for a minute, but told us how much she disliked it with a low rolling growl the entire time.

Speaking of growls, Russell broke up a cat fight Bianka was in this evening. He said it was a mass of white fur tumbling and yowling. Bianka's enemy is apparently the white feral single mother cat who lives under a deck two doors away with her two ilegitamate children. I can't imagine why they were fighting, but Russell did say that Bianka was clearly winning.

She is also having a hard time learning to use her cat door which our landlords fitted in the window. I suspect the trashy cat was making fun of Bianka because she can't use her cat door and Bianka beat her up for it. Just a guess.