Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Baskets!!!

OHHHHH Frank and Bean! Whatever do you have there?!

Oh my! The Easter Bunny seems to have delivered a basket!!! 
Actually, it was The Easter Grandma... (and by the way, when Frank and Bean's Easter basket arrived from their grandma, I was super excited about the egg cookie that she sent for me to enjoy. Good thing that when I opened the baggie in which it was delicately displayed the second one in the pack was shaped like a doggie bone to clue me in.... I wonder what our food would look like if the world were reversed and dogs owned humans, and fancy pet stores sold them food that looked delicious to them so that they bought it in order to treat us... Perhaps our cookies would all be shaped like raw steak and salmon skin... Mmm, yummy!)

Well, whatever the shapes, the cookies were VERY much enjoyed as were the Easter Bugs? Frank was delighted with the fact that the hoppy creature in his basket was a grasshopper, nor Bean the fact that his winged creature was a lady bug - hoppy bunnies and winged chicks are SO overdone!

Oh Frank! What a hip and fancy trendsetter you are!

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