Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Destined to Repeat

In post celebration of Easter, I was lounging on the couch and eating some sweet tart ducks and chicks when Bean, in characteristicly subtle fashion, hinted that me might be interested in having a try...

... oh BEAN you clearly do not enjoy a sweet tart duck or chick! (I also enjoy how he looks at it as if it has utterly betrayed him by not being delicious).

And yet! What this video does not show is that the Bean kept returning over, and over, for yet another lick as if to prove that he in fact did not enjoy this tasty treat. (Actually, it really does show it - just keep pressing play over and over... same thing really!)

BEAN! you are a dog, your instincts are supposed to be smarter than a humans! You, unlike us, are supposed to learn by doing it just one ill pursued time, that something tastes bad... or like pure chemicals... or that frolicking after the wrong person/mastiff/squirrel will get you hurt... or that jumping into a lake of unknown depth could have very dire consequences! BAD pug! 

Please in the future remember your place of teaching the humans to be better people!

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