Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pug Makes a Very Bad Possum

Warning: You must make the screen VERY bright to be able to see the details of the video!!!

Here is a little insight to our morning routine:

6:00 -The alarm goes off and both pugs spring into action with Frank sneezing wildly and Bean enthusiastically trouncing on our heads, each unable to contain their joy at the the arrival of feeding time.
6:02 - The pug's dad lets them out and feeds them.
6:03 - Bean literally inhales his food. I feel certain that there is not a speck of chewing involved.
6:04 - The Bean climbs back in bed with his mom.
6:05 - Frank finishes his breakfast in a much more polite fashion.
6:06 - Frank wanders into the bedroom and looks imploringly up at me until I hoist him in (even though he is perfectly capable of jumping up himself.)
6:07 - Bean jumps off the bed to make sure that Frank has not forgotten a piece of kibble in his bowl.
6:07:30 - Bean rejoins Frank and I in bed. Much sighing and snoring occurs.
8:00 - The second alarm goes off. Time for everyone to rise and shine!

However, frequently upon the realization that it is indeed time to rise and shine, Frank likes to stay hidden under the covers so as to seduce one into thinking that he has, in fact, not heard the alarm at all. The problem for Frank of course, is that when one is playing dead (as any good possum will tell you) one must remain completely still.

Oh Frank! That includes your tail! You just can't QUITE contain yourself.

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