Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peanut Butter!

On a cold and rainy day there is not much that Frank enjoys more than an afternoon nap. In fact, this past week, while I was home sick, he refused to get out of bed or even to open his eye at the end of nap time.

Oh Frank, whatever shall we do? No one enjoys such slothful behavior!

Suddenly, before my poorly developed human ears could even detect a trace of noise, Frank's eye flew open! (Well, flew may be a bit of an overstatement.)

He had heard the postman, and it is as if he could detect, even from beneath the sheets, that there might be something special in store.

Sure enough...

Oh Frank, whatever is it that you have there? It seems that Frank's grandma had discovered a new recipe for peanut butter cookies. Now, not only is a peanut butter cookie chocolate free, but also, peanut butter is one of Frank's all time favorite foods.

Oh my. Someone was not pleased to be kept waiting as I snapped a photo or 3...

I assure you that this cookie did not last more than 5 seconds after this picture was taken.
Oh Frank. Delicious!


Puglette said...

frank you are one lucky puggie! i put peanut butter on a dog treat and gave it to ollie...he just licked the peanut butter off and walked away.
i hope you are not getting blown away!

Anonymous said...

Frankler, it is Snackler. My mother was talking about you yesterday and I started to cry. I miss you Frankler, but I am enjoying the sunshine of my new digs. I heard you have a new brother--that sux--if my mother brought home something like that I would immediately bite it (though I bet I could steal it's food...hey, wait a minute...)

Your grandmother has invited us over for dinner or coffee or beer sometime--whatever is cool, I'll take it. I hope she feeds me cookies while my mom isn't looking.