Friday, November 20, 2009

Frank has an announcement....

...and he is rather startled and displeased.

His suspicion started last week when a strange new set up appeared. As Frank went to investigate, I believe the alarm started to ring. (Though he did, in fact, rather enjoy the new heated dog bed that he found in this crate...)

And then, something truly startling appeared.

Oh no. Oh Frank. What is happening?

Everyone, much to Frank's displeasure, it is time to introduce The Bean.

I am afraid that Frank's dad and I decided that, as Frank's vision is getting worse and as he was seeming a little lonely, it might be time to bring home a seeing eye pug.

Frank's reaction has looked much like this:

Yup. I believe that translates to: "what in the world did I do to make you betray me so?"

Oh Frank! We got The Bean to make you happy!!!

Frank was NOT happy when The Bean tried to take his rooster,

(sorry about the quality, they move so FAST!)

nor was he happy when The Bean discovered that he could pull on the fun red leash and Frank would follow him about,

NOR was he happy when Christmas Turtle was unceremoniously snatched out from under him during his nightly chew.

Oh Frank. I do think that over time you may just learn to love The Bean.
I hope? Oh my.

There's that look again.


Anonymous said...

A warm welome to The Bean...he looks like a chubby little clone with two eyes. Such a cuttie and Frank will surely be happy to have a canine pal.

Puglette said...

oh frank! you are a lucky pug to have the bean arrive. he is very cute and a frisky young pup will bring lots of fun.

oh, i so want a bean to play with!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Frank...

Regarding The Bean:

You will always be #1 AND now you'll have someone to boss around!!!!!

This could be a VERY good thing...

Now let's just hope your mommie and daddy give you your special place at the Thanksgiving table this week - surely The Bean is way too squirrely (you'll pardon the expression) to have his OWN seat....

Lots of love from your fan,