Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Holiday Blues

It's that time again!

Time to bring out the Christmas decorations at home!
The first thing out of the box were Frank's Christmas toys which are tucked away each year so as to trick Frank into thinking that they are brand new the next year. I must admit that Frank does not look very convinced. Or pleased.
Perhaps this is because, in truth, he is rather depressed. After spending just over a week at his vacation home with constant large amounts of people, walks in the park off leash, food falling on the floor, a place at the table, and toasty fires in the fireplace, it is fairly safe to say that this small pug is displeased to be home...

This has been his regular position:

...sulking oh so dramatically in front of the space heater. Every so often he peers up at me in order to remind us that CLEARLY this is a completely unacceptable substitution.

Yes Frank, I know. Your life is very hard.
(Please note in picture: 3 people, toasty fire, warm carpet, happy pug)

In an effort to cheer Frank up, I purchased him a festive new holiday collar; you may have enjoyed noticing this in the earlier pictures.

Oh FRANK! Stylish and festive indeed!
Though this purchase warms the cockles of my heart, I am pretty sure that Frank has remained unimpressed.

In another effort to cure Frank's depression, we did spend much of the evening last night at home with him decorating our very small tree (we will be in Omaha for Christmas, so needed only a wee version. Sadly, though invited, Frank will be here with the tree and a delightful pug sitter as the flight to Omaha is 2 planes and would mean about 10 hours in the travel house.)

Alas, Frank was less than enthused about the tree as well.

But Frank! You are so well represented this year!

Please note that the giver of this delightful ornament took it into her creative hands to Sharpie out one of the eyes so as to make a most accurate representation:

Frank, it seemed, remained unmoved...

Oh dear... perhaps some eggnog latte would cheer him up and on...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Frank, such a sad pup!! At least you are with Thea and Todd! Such a loving home...a pug need not be sad!