Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frank the Sloth

Since Frank and I are assuming that anyone who visits this blog must surly enjoy things that are small, furry, and handsome, we felt that each and every visitor would very much enjoy this clip (sent from a delightful work colleague who is, I believe in my heart, quite a fan of Frank).

It is hard to believe that this originally came from a website called Yes. That is, in fact, a real website. However, since the delightful video that Frank wishes for you to see is no longer the first on the page (replaced by some baby, who is NOT furry) we are linking you directly to the youtube video... I highly recommend watching the full minute and 16 seconds.

Once you have watched the video, Frank would like you to remember that he too can fall asleep like a baby sloth:
And yes, that is a spot of Frank drool on my shirt.


E.W. said...

Oh Frank, such a modest pose you are in. Polly drools on us too and this winter weather is making us more sloth-like than usual. We love looking at your pictures whenever we get the chance!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Frank! You are such the adorable, slothy pooch....

Your photo brought me abundant joy...

Love from one of your #1 Fans,

Puglette said...

oh, frank, there is nothing better than a snuggly pug!
and charlie who is snuggling on my lap right now!