Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation part 2

Oh Frank! What's that you say? You haven't taken a nap in 2 whole days because you are so very eager to follow about your cousin Gus, and to try to do each and EVERY thing that he does?

Indeed it IS very tiring to follow someone whose legs are so much longer than yours!

This was the usual picture as we headed our for our morning walk. Frank did ok as long as we were on controlled trails....

Once we got to an open field, however, Frank was rather left behind, it is rather hard to see the fast moving pooches, but the farthest spot is Gus. Frank is faithfully chasing after him...

The last time Frank and Gus were together, Frank picked up the habit of scraping his feet and kicking up grass after he went to the bathroom - Gusaroo does enjoy this. This is not a habit that the pup's grandfather enjoys when it takes place on his lovingly cared for lawn, indeed, neither to the homeowners in my neighborhood.

This time, after carefully observing his fine bird dog cousin rolling, Frank, who is not a roller it must be said, flopped right down a few meters away and joined right in. He proceeded to roll in different spots, as long as Gus was watching, for the rest of the trip. Oh Frank. No one enjoys a follower!
(Frank of course has not gone to Middle School and therefore has not learned this lesson.)

After so much walking and rolling, the pups were rather thirsty, so Frank followed Gus to the drinking fountain - or the "bubbler" as some people refer to it...

Oh what clever pups!

Frank enjoys a refreshing drink of water, but it must be said, he rather enjoys a beer more...

Don't worry, it really was empty but for a few drops.

After our walk, Frank would faithfully spend the rest of the day trying very hard to do whatever Gus was doing.

Such as guarding the house,

(oh what a frightful and intimidating pair!)

Watching their grandmother every time she stood up knowing very well that this was the low hanging fruit in the household,

And hunting a delicious soft shelled taco.

Oh Frank, try as you might you will never be quite able to subtly get your nose in there like your cousin!

As you can imagine, Frank was quite tired after all of this action and tried very hard to take a little snooze, but alas, he could not bear to close his eye and lose sight of Gusaroo.

Well, I am sad to say that I hoped to include a video of the Frank trying desperately to catch Gus, but it won't load, darn it all. I will keep trying, so do check back soon!

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